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To kickstart the brand process, coming up with the right name was essential. The name needed to represent the future of technology and Emerge's role in guiding their client's business in the right direction. 

One of the brand’s objectives was to separate itself from other I.T companies that overlook the importance of customer service.

By using simple, straight-forward messaging and focusing on clear visual branding, I was able to orchestrate an image that defined and represented the company’s main objective of working parallel with and consistently supporting their clients.

To highlight this, I created a series of 3D animations of two orbs that guide one another throughout challenging settings that used illumination to indicate progression in unison. This neatly translated through the brand assurance and created this same approachable & confident aspect within the website & social assets.


Emerge Digital is an award-winning IT support, cyber security & digital transformation service company that help their clients upgrade their workflow & business efficiency through next-gen technology.

Initially known as First Solutions Group, Emerge looked for a complete transformation of the company to dilute all their services into one overarching brand - starting with a new name.

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