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The process started with looking at their existing brand logos & colours, dropping what felt outdated and introducing a new palette that didn't stretch too far away from what they had prior so as not to alienate what's been built but to still inject an invigorating feeling into the brand.


Overall, the brand was simplified & rejuvinated by introducing new type and repurposing the old logo in a new light. The main point of focus of the project was the website. By taking on board what the brand's aspirations were - to establish the pub as the go-to boutique hotel & pub in Somerset - we created a website that was heavily inspired by the clean editorial look, making it the site feel more up-scale and sophisticated.


The Litton is a boutique hotel & destination pub based in the Somerset countryside. Operating for several years without updating the look of their brand, The Litton began to feel outdated despite their constantly evolving hotel & pub.  This brand project looked to refresh the business and match The Litton's aspirational visual language. The goal was to introduce a new typeface, layout system, an updated colour palette and a fresh website without changing the brand’s well-known logo.

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